Pasi-Robot Hybrid Gripper


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Pasi-Robot Hybrid Gripper

Compact collaborative robot gripper

We proudly present the Hybrid Gripper, designed specifically collaborative robots (FANUC CRX, Universal Robot) in mind but it can easily be fitted with other brands as well.

The gripper is currently in testing phase and will be available shortly.


The interchangeable suction plate can be configured to use either vacuum pad of vacuum cups. The arrangement and amount of vacuum cups can be customized for the application.


The whole gripper weights only 370 grams. The plastic housing is light but durable and impact resistant and as all functions of the gripper are housed inside the gripper itself it is highly simple to install and setup. In addition to one electric cable the gripper only requires one air line to provide both vacuum and blow functions as well as a digital vacuum sensing feedback. The vacuum level can be monitored from the digital readout on the gripper.